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Alex Moskovic March 21, 2018

I Have Heard that The Maintenance Laws in Illinois Have Recently Changed. Is There Any Point to Fighting Over Maintenance?

It is true that Illinois has enacted maintenance guidelines for parties with a combined income of less than $250,000.00. Under the formula, maintenance is determined by taking 30% of the payor’s gross income minus 20% of the payee’s gross income, with a cap applied such that the payee’s gross income after applying the maintenance award shall not exceed 40% of the combined gross income of the parties. While the formula may seem restrictively straightforward, it has never been more important to think outside the box.

Just because there is a formula does not mean that the maintenance award will be fair. Through creative and innovative lawyering, Moskovic & Associates, Ltd. has already assisted numerous clients in obtaining fair results since the new law took effect by successfully presenting arguments that do not blindly accept the reported gross incomes of the parties, but rather, look to other factors to determine whether there should be a deviation from the new guidelines. Contact an attorney at Moskovic & Associates, Ltd. to assist you with your maintenance issues.