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Case Results

Personal Injury

• Recovered a settlement for a client who was injured when he fell on an extended stay hotel sidewalk after the hotel failed to clear the walk of ice and snow.

• Recovered a settlement for a client who was injured when she fell in a hole on the sidewalk of her son’s townhome when construction workers failed to mark or block the hole.

• Recovered a settlement for a pedestrian client outside of a crosswalk.

• Recovered a settlement for a client who was injured when she tripped on newly laid and improperly adhered mats on the stairs of her townhome entrance.

• Recovered a settlement for a client who was injured when she attempted to step out of the shower at a hotel and fell on a door stop protruding from the bathroom floor after the light timer expired, leaving the bathroom pitch black.

• Recovered a settlement for a dog boarding client whose Yorkie was mauled and killed by two Rottweilers when the Yorkie was negligently left in the same room at the boarding center with the vicious Rottweilers.

• Recovered a verdict for a client who was bitten on his hand and scarred by a Rottweiler as he attempted to pet the dog.

• Recovered a settlement for a church volunteer client who was injured when a bookshelf in the church office collapsed on her.

• Recovered a settlement for an injured client who was a wheelchair passenger in an accessible van, hit on the highway by another car.

• Recovered a settlement for a client hit and injured by a motorist while riding his bike.

• Recovered a settlement for a client who was injured while standing on a street corner when a bike messenger collided with a car and the bike messenger flew to the curb and hit the client.

• Obtained a judgment for a client who was beaten up by bar bouncers after leaving the bar.

• Obtained a judgment for a client who was injured when he was attacked by a patron, who was an informal bouncer of a bar.

• Recovered a settlement for a client who was disbursed the wrong strength of blood thinner medication from a pharmacy and developed pulmonary emboli, resulting in extended hospitalization.

• Recovered a settlement for a client who was erroneously disbursed a bottle of mixed strength medications and became dizzy as a result of taking the higher strength pills, fell down the stairs in her home, and suffered injury as a result of the fall.

• Recovered a settlement for a male client whose ear was burned with cauterization during an elective facelift, causing his ear to become necrotic and scarred.

• Co-counseled a case to verdict for a client who underwent elective breast reduction during which the surgeon left surgical gauze in her breast causing injury and necessitating multiple reconstruction surgeries after the gauze was discovered.

• Have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients injured in car accidents, slips, falls, dog bites, medical negligence, prescription medication errors, and other personal injury cases.

• Successfully defended against an orthopedic physician's attempt to recover 100% of his billed charges for surgery from his patient’s/my client’s personal injury settlement after the physician refused to submit the charges to my client’s health insurance company. The Court, after conducting a full evidentiary hearing, determined the physician was not entitled to be paid anything since he failed to bill my client’s health insurance company as was required of him by his PPO contract with Blue Cross. The Court adjudicated his claim for payment to $0 and reprimanded him for attempting to collect a windfall from my client by circumventing his obligations under his contract with Blue Cross.


• M&A, Ltd. was retained by a client to represent him on an issue years after his divorce Judgment was entered. During the marriage, but after his ex-wife had already filed for divorce, the client suffered a serious injury at work, for which he filed a Worker’s Compensation claim. During the pendency of the worker’s compensation claim, the ex-wife sent photographs of various activities of the client in an effort to sabotage his claim. Nevertheless, in the divorce proceedings, the wife insisted on her equitable share of any award he may ultimately receive because the injury occurred while they were still married. The Divorce Judgment ordered that any award on the client’s Worker’s Compensation claim would be reserved for future consideration. Years later, and long after the divorce was finalized, the client was awarded a net Worker’s Compensation settlement of approximately $275,000. The ex-wife immediately filed a petition for her alleged share. M&A, Ltd. discovered that, after the divorce judgment was entered but prior to filing the petition for her share of the award, the ex-wife had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in which she omitted her interest in the client’s potential worker’s compensation recovery in her filing. Based on her limited assets as disclosed, the ex-wife was discharged in bankruptcy court from her debts. M&A, Ltd. argued that the ex-wife should not be awarded any share of the client’s worker’s compensation award since she failed to disclose the potential interest in it in the bankruptcy proceeding and benefited from her failure to disclose this asset when she was discharged from her debts. The court agreed and ruled that the ex-wife was not entitled to any part of the Worker’s Compensation settlement as marital property since she had taken a contradictory position in the bankruptcy court. This unique and significant decision was published in a legal journal.

• Proved hundreds of thousands of dollars in dissipation on a girlfriend by a spouse resulting in a substantially higher allocation of marital property to our client.

• During trial, proved that a spouse improperly ran thousands of dollars in personal expenses through his business on a monthly basis, thereby reducing his apparent income. This resulted in a substantially higher maintenance award for our client than she would have received under his personal financial disclosures.

• Obtained an award of sole custody for our client father by using social media posts of mother to prove it was in the best interest of the children that our client be awarded sole custody. This client first came to us believing he had no chance of obtaining sole custody because he believed the system favored mothers.

• Successfully argued the client's mother should be allowed to remove her child from the State of Illinois to another state by showing that she had greater opportunities in the other state and that the benefits to her would be in the best interest of the minor children.

• Client father awarded sole custody after years of litigation in which mother aggressively pursued sole custody for herself and presented very well in Court. M&A, Ltd conducted extensive research and investigation through a discovery process to prove to the Guardian Ad Litem and Court that sole custody to the father was in the best interest of the minor child and that mother was not as put together as she seemed to be, raising serious concerns as to her fitness as a parent.

• M&A, Ltd. proved visitation abuse by mother on behalf of client father, who resided in the Dominican Republic and was previously awarded extended summer and holiday visitation with their daughter, due to mother’s relocation to the U.S. At trial, proved on cross-examination of the mother, by using her own passport and their daughter’s passport as evidence, that not only did the mother lie about her daughter’s ability to travel during these times, but showed that, in fact, during what should have been father’s visitation time, the daughter was in the Dominican Republic visiting mother’s family just blocks away from father’s house, only to return home to the United States without father ever knowing she was there. Father broke down emotionally and sobbed at the conclusion of this cross-examination after learning that, after all these years, his daughter was frequently just blocks away in the same town without him knowing. The Court held the mother in contempt of Court and ordered extensive make-up visitation.

• On multiple occasions, have successfully pursued child support arrearages and obtained a finding of contempt of Court against the non-paying parent, and obtained awards of attorney fees on behalf of the client.

• Obtained a favorable property distribution and maintenance order for a doctor client who owned his own business and earned substantially more than his wife in a long-term marriage. Successfully defeated wife’s appeal.

Business and Contract Litigation

• Successfully argued at trial that judgment should not be entered against the client individually, despite the client having signed a personal guarantee for his business, which owed $150,000.00 in rent to the landlord mall and had filed bankruptcy. M&A, Ltd. convinced the Court that the applicable language in the personal guarantee clause of the lease, drafted by landlord’s attorneys, was ambiguous, and therefore, allowed the tenant to explain that personal guarantee was limited to years in which rent was already paid in full.

• Have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of numerous business clients against former customers for unpaid products and services.

• Successfully challenged numerous cases on behalf of individuals who had judgments entered against them by proving that service of the lawsuit was improper and successfully vacated the judgments.

• Obtained an award in favor of client Defendant, despite client admitting to signing a $100,000.00 promissory note in a business venture with other parties, by proving that no actual consideration had been received by the client.


• Obtained a judgment after trial on behalf of client landlord against a tenant for all rent and damage, despite tenant’s counterclaim for mold and constructive eviction. Moskovic & Associates, Ltd. proved that the mold was caused and ignored by the tenant, who remained on the property and never raised the issue until the landlord pursued rent. The Court also awarded the landlord all of her attorney fees. Moskovic & Associates, Ltd. successfully collected every penny of the judgment and attorney fees for our client.

• Successfully evicted daughter of an elderly client who was allegedly manipulating and abusing client and claiming an ownership interest in the property.