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Joanne Moskovic May 16, 2017

Have You Been in An Accident with An Uninsured Driver?

If you have had the unfortunate situation of being involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, and you suffered property damage, personal injury, or both, you might still have an option for insurance coverage. Many insurance policies provide uninsured and underinsured coverage for their insured. Although you may not be able to have your claim paid through the uninsured driver, you can make a claim with your own insurance company under the uninsured motorist provision of your policy.

Just like your liability coverage, you’re uninsured motorist coverage will have a policy limit to cover your property damage and/or personal injuries. It is extremely important that you immediately notify your insurance company of your possible claim under the uninsured coverage of your policy, as there are typically very strict deadlines set forth in your policy language within which you must notify them of an uninsured claim. As with all personal injury claims, it is imperative that you meet all deadlines and follow all requirements set forth by your policy.

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